Thursday, 11 August 2011

Partie! Partie!

The party blog by photographer Sam Hiscox. Chances are if you've done some dumb shit at Digital in Brighton, he's seen it. This guy's photos are so expertly timed and well-shot that every time I peep new content on the site I find myself exploding with laughter. Case in point:

Real people. Real dancefloors. Unreal behaviour. This is in no way a shoot'n'shame blog or whatever, just a hilarious log of all the ridiculous business people get up to in clubs. Sam's been on this for about four years now, so we should at least give him props for staying sober and shooting (he does VICE photo stuff and club Facebook album stuff too) while everyone around him gets annihilated.

Here are my favourites of the good, bad and ugly (not necessarily in that order).

Get to know Sam's work if you don't already, on his site and other blog. He tells me the best of Partie! Partie! will be coming out in a zine, so keep an eye on that too if you have some love for his work. Fittingly, I leave you with "Bounce", by MSTRKRFT, N.O.R.E & ISIS (whole lotta caps for this collaboration)

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