Saturday, 6 August 2011

Song of the Day: "Settle Down"

If you haven't yet heard of Kimbra, get to know. Admittedly I am so late on this train, but her voice and theatrical flair have got me hitting replay all over this screen. People have described her as the indie Katy Perry but I don't really think that makes a lot of sense: if anything her vocal's more reminiscent of Jill Scott and Tweety with a dash of jazz-driven melody thrown in for good measure.

This song with Gotye first put me on to her, mostly because she saves it from sounding a tad weak and banal about halfway through. Now she's got her own record due out this month but I've not heard any rumblings of tour dates beyond Oz/New Zealand yet. Dang. Let us know Kimbra, let us know.

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