Thursday, 20 October 2011

Song of the Day: "As Young As Yesterday"

Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday by Addict Music

This Korallreven single is in no way a completely new thing to like, but I just can't seem to shake my love for it. It didn't make it onto the blog when it first dropped cos I was pushing it on Addict Music and got all caught up in that.

The soul claps, bombastic synths and overall tight production make it such a joy to listen to. That use of strummed acoustic guitar transitioning into a manipulated vocal and wild bass sample is just so subtle and well thought through. I am in love with this song (and gushing).

The blog's going quiet for the weekend because I'll be away in Brighton, then with the fam in London and Hertfordshire. Check out the Facebook for the latest videos from M83, Friends and New Look though. There are always fun little things happening there. Have a great weekend everyone!

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