Thursday, 24 November 2011


Masterface "Excuse Me Girl" by Bleek Records

Masterface is the musical alias of Brooklyn's Cedar Apffel (and sometime collaborator Rory O'Connor), and is my new thing to like today. Having worked as a part of Seattle band House On A Hill for eight years, the producer broke off to do his own thing and really flexed his sonic muscle when he had the space in which to do so.

He somehow mixes crazy Panda Bear-like synth squelches with sounds as diverse as those from dub, ambient electronica and (dare I even mention it) reggae. But not in a shit way. Seriously. When I first heard his most recent single "Magic Dragging" I couldn't even begin to understand how someone had taken a concept I usually hate (white dudes playing with reggae) and turned it into something beautiful. Step one to mad props, taken.

Masterface "Magic Dragging" by Bleek Records

Then when I dug through my emails, saw that I'd already been sent "Excuse Me Girl" and found myself body-rolling in my chair at work and hitting repeat one time after the next, it was clear that I was just straight up into Masterface. So now it's up to you: go have a listen to album Freedom Tower on his Bandcamp page and if you like it, I'd really recommend buying it. It's a total steal at about £5 anyway.

The album came out on New York label Bleek Records as a digital download on the 15th of November, 2011. Have a look at the rest of their roster if these tunes pique your interest, as Apffel's currently producing label-mate Natureboy's new stuff and is probably going to make it sound awesome.

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