Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Black Tie Experiment

Far Too Long by BlackTieExperiment

Black Tie Experiment are a Brighton-based soul/hip hop/generally awesome outfit, with a member or two at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). I was played this track by a friend of mine a while ago, then reminded myself of these boys' talent when she sent me over a new teaser song below (which she laid down some backing vocals for).

Interstate (Sneak Peek) by BlackTieExperiment

Their nods to neo-soul, Chicago rap and jazz guitar show the type of versatility that hip hop hungers for at the moment. I also love that they play live instruments and incorporate delicate guitar picking with well thought-through harmonies and that sort of Jill Scott vibe that I still don't think UK audiences have heard enough of. And let it be known that there's probably no-one over the age of about twenty-one in this band either. If you like what you hear, I'm gonna do my darndest to find out when they're next gigging in the windy city by the sea.

Ominous Creep by BlackTieExperiment

In the meantime, go vote for them to get through to the next round of MTV's Brand New Unsigned to show your support. I just want the full tracks, already!

Disclaimer: regardless of how much I'm gushing in this post, they haven't asked me to write about them nor sent me their music. This is just one of those happy accidents that keep me in love with writing about music.

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