Monday, 19 December 2011

Sprawl II by Arcade Fire

Last week the Arcade Fire dropped a series of ridiculous and hilarious videos via their Facebook, showing them voicing over footage of some lovely Haiting people dancing or hanging out wearing giant Arcade Fire member 3D masks. It sounds creepier than it was, promise.

Anyway, it was all part of a teaser trio for their new interactive "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" video. You can interact with it in two different ways, either with dancing hands in front of your web cam or clicks, and also watch a standard version. I went hand dancing all the way and it was great.

The mental image of different Arcade Fire fans all over the world doing jazz hands in front of their screens while giggling uncontrollably just stands as another example of how special this band are. I'll leave you with the traditional version below, then implore you to head to Sprawl2 and go wild on the interactive ones yourself.

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