Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Top 50 Songs of 2011: 10- 1

10. Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday
9. New Look – Janet
8. Friends - I'm His Girl

7. Wavves - Nodding Off (feat. Best Coast)
6. Gucci Mane - Dollar Sign (These New Puritans Remix)
5. Lykke Li - Get Some (Remix by Beck)
4. A$AP Rocky - Wassup
3. Anna Calvi - Suzanne & I
2. M83 - Midnight City
1. Niki & The Dove - The Drummer

And there it is: my one-track heart belongs to Niki and the Dove this year, with their perfect pop on "The Drummer". To listen to most of these tracks all at once on Spotify, click here for my Top Fiddy playlist.

A bunch of the songs weren't available on Spotify, but I just replaced them with other gems I loved that ended up on the bench when I was making my final cuts. I'm now in South Africa, then Botswana with my grandma's dial-up internet connection, so am going to go quiet on the blogging front for a while.

Have a great holiday season errbody, and I'll be back soon with more New Things To Like for 2012.

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