Monday, 31 January 2011

FREE SHIT Part 8: Hype Williams

"Blue Dream" 

This is Hype Williams. And no, it's not the music video director (clearly) but a super-elusive trio who are only known as Bundy, Karen and Corey. They make cut and paste remixes and dark, bass-heavy compositions of their own which are hard not to love. Somehow bridging the gap between Aphex Twin and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, they're giving away "Blue Dream" now via RCRD LBL.

If you like it, you know what to do. You can also stream the entire album What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, and Start Gettin' Reel via MySpace, if anyone can still be bothered to use that site's player. One to enjoy for fans of SALEM, samples and finger-clicks.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Dø

The Dø are Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti and Dan Levy, a French and Finnish duo that caused a stir on the continent with their LP, A Mouthful, back in 2008. They've returned with a new three-song EP and are still making that eclectic mix of hip-hop, pop and indie with jazz influences that won the hearts of so many a few years ago.

This is single "Slippery Slope", whose syncopated percussive rhythms bring to mind Glasser, Björk, Bat For Lashes and MIA. Have a listen to other songs from Dust It Off below, and if it takes your fancy you can grab it from iTunes now. They'll be touring France and Switzerland from February to March, so if you'll be passing through that part of the world you should definitely check them out. See their Facebook page for details.

image courtesy of the nme

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Valentine's Day x Street Casuals

Actual Pain Pyramid sweatshirt
CTRL Putangina Collar shirt
Lavenham Denham Jacket
The Hundreds Plot tee
Actual Pain Sixth Seal tee

Hello, Street Casuals. The Street Casuals online shop launched in September 2010, but the idea behind it has been a long time coming. Founded by an entrepreneur who'd spent the last twenty years working in fashion, the site picks the very best from interesting global streetwear and accessories brands and pools them together in one store.

It's a great concept, and is backed by a truly passionate team. Street Casuals stock the likes of Penfield, CTRL, FILA (did we ever think we'd see them again?? Psyched) and personal favourite Actual Pain. Plus, they've got loads of offers on at the moment. Valentine's Day doesn't factor in massively on the New Things calendar, but if that'll inspire some of you to pick up a little something for someone, then go crazy!

Big love to the Street Casuals press team, who were great to work with and truly lovely.

all images courtesy of Street Casuals. ©

Friday, 28 January 2011

VIDEO PREMIERE: Nicki Minaj ft. Drake: "Moment 4 Life"

Here's the video for single number three off Minaj's Pink Friday. She is killing it right now, hands down. Plus, I know a certain founder of Lovedream Clothing will be excited to see this little treat.

Happy Friday everybody, be it pink or not.

FREE SHIT Part 7: Love SIC Disco

Love SIC Disco Compilation

Something in Construction is a London label celebrating its 100th release by giving us all a MASSIVE freebie. The Love SIC Disco compilation is an 18-track beautiful monster, featuring MemoryHouse, (not to be confused with) Memory Tapes, Guards, Kele (of Bloc Party) and a Clare Maguire remix that will thrill those currently experiencing Maguire Fever.

This is a brilliantly balanced album, pulling together the label's strengths and forcing us to keep an eye on them throughout 2011. There'll no doubt be more where this goodness came from.

[Link from the Guardian, so it's legit.]

The Go! Team Return

The ever-shambolic, shouty and relentlessly energetic Go! Team are back. One of the first Brighton bands to cross the New Things radar (way back in 2004: remember Thunder, Lightening, Strike?) they've got a divisive, no-holds-barred formula that I love. This is their new LP, due out on the January 31st. 

Have a listen, and support them by buying it if you like what you hear. Fans of blaring horn sections and j-pop will be right at home.


image courtesy of guardianmusic

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Song of the Day: Do You Want to Give $$?

Sic Alps are going all retro on our asses and I love it. Those ramshackle, loose drums are reminiscent of sticky afternoons spent listening to Hendrix in high school with my besties. Suburban life was boss.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Things What's On My Mind: 2

That rucksack. Ring by Glasser. That book. That song. Winter/this bag. That bassline. That song too. Plus, I just bagged an exciting opportunity with the awesome people at Don't Panic UK. Watch this space.

One of these posters they distributed hangs in my room right now. Points for correct guesses.
Dan Sparks
Kate Moross

images courtesy of ASOS, pitchfork, paulagreatstories, fashiontoast, washed out, ohthescandal and dontpanic.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

FREE SHIT Part 6: Lykke Li

"I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix"

If you're as excited about the release of Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes as I am, then you'll enjoy this little treat from Mr Dave Sitek. Responsible for one of 2010's most sonically textured and interesting albums, he puts his distinctive spin on this single of hers. 

Grab it via RCRDLBL above, and enjoy the animated video below to get a taste of the original. Pitchfork also posted a great interview with her a few months ago, where she talks about the maturity of her upcoming record and how sex plays a pretty big role in it. She's just putting that out there.

image courtesy of lykkeli facebook

FREE SHIT Part 5: Sleigh Bells

"Tell 'Em (Diplo Remix)"

Here's Diplo's cut and paste remix of one of Sleigh Bells' highlights from Treats. It's not the most innovative of remixes but apparently has led to a possible collaboration between Beyonce and Derek Miller??

Read Diplo's hilarious spiel on it below, and grab the download via Soundcloud. But seriously, please just buy the album because it is AWESOME.

"Derek from sleigh bellz and me have matching florida tattoos and we both are from shitty parts of broward county // & their last album was one of the sickest of ‘10 .. its soo sick, its gave me a stomach ache .. half lyrnyrd skinnard half bangladesh half man half alligator.. . me and derek and alexis are bros and sis for life. in fact i like sleigh bells so much .. me and switch was in studio in nyc tryin to make tracks with derek and beyonce last week after we played her team their album .. dunno if we gonna manage to finish but was good times.
I started this mix for them like a year ago but it took derek about 6 months to send stems so it was kinda in remix limbo but i really wanted to get it out to u guys cause i think the bass and the drums sounds nice and u can play it at your next party."
Sleigh Bells - Tell Em (Diplo Rmx) by Hypetrak
image courtesy of thedopefiend

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Song of the Day: "Youth"

This is Beach Fossils. Yet another Brooklyn band, their line-up now consists of main composer Dustin Payseur, John Pena and Sennott Burke. This is the kind of fuzzy pop to soundtrack those perfect nights spent hanging with old friends - trust, it works.

image courtesy of beachfossils

FREE SHIT Part 4: Oh Land x Twin Shadow

"Bright Lights (Twin Shadow Remix)" 

The current musical love of my life, Oh Land, was remixed by Twin Shadow a few weeks ago. The combination of her vocals cut and pasted above an over-compressed drum kit and lilting guitar is heaven. Get the free download below via Oh Land's Soundcloud.

White Nights - Twin Shadow Remix by OhLand

images courtesy of pitchfork & oh land. edited by me

Saturday, 22 January 2011


This is Braids. They're a shoegazey semi-baroque band from Montreal via Calgary and just released album Native Speaker via Kanine Records (Jan 18th). The combination of some huge dynamic builds and a round, clear female vocal suck all the pretension out of a genre that can easily sound contrived. This is honest, sprawling dream pop that doesn't try to hard and doesn't restrict itself. New thing to like. Done.

Listen to the album below via Soundcloud to get a feel. They're about to embark on a North American tour with Star Slinger and Baths, which I so wish I could attend. Dang.

image courtesy of stereogum

EDIT: follow this link in case the embedded player is acting up. 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Song of the Day: "Solid Ground"

This is Maps + Atlases. You may have already heard of them in autumn at some point, when they started to gain more press and recognition from the mainstream. They blend folk with  the experimental elements of rhythmically-strong math rock to pretty great effect. 

Maps + Atlases are playing XOYO on Tuesday Feb 1st and you can get tickets here if you like what you hear. They bring to mind The Mariner's Children, for all the Brightonians who may have watched them on the scene with Peggy Sue. Enjoy an acoustic performance below, via Big Ugly Yellow Couch, which charmed me in the first place.

FREE SHIT Part 3: Wavves

Wavves has a new B-side from the Japanese release of King of the Beach out for free right now. Looks like it'll be coming out as part of a collaborative 7" with Best Coast, in honour of their joint US tour coming up. It's called Mutant. It's good. And it's very Wavves.


You can check the link is legit via Wavves' blog here, in case you're like "what the hell is SendSpace?"

image courtesy of wavves facebook

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

FREE SHIT Part 2: Niki & the Dove

Niki & The Dove are giving away not one, but TWO amazing songs right now. There's "Mother Protect", whose vocal hook in its final section has been on my mind non-stop for days, and "Winterheart". Both showcase Malin Dahlström's talents impeccably, trickled over minimal percussion and jaunty basslines. 

Get them below, via their site and mailing list. Click the image for "Mother Protect", and pop in your email address to nab "Winterheart".

image courtesy of nikiandthedove

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

FREE SHIT Part 1: Holy Ghost!

"Do It Again"

Holy Ghost! are giving away this single. For free. Welcome to the FREE SHIT series. If you're anything like me, and love getting something for nothing, you are gonna dig this. The New York twosome will please fans of Prince, handclaps, robots and clean electro-pop.

You're welcome.

Note: all links within the FREE SHIT series may be up for a limited time only. Get them free cookies while they're hot.

image courtesy of holyghost

Song of the Day: "Georgia"

This is Yuck, a band I've been quietly loving since spring. They're North Londoners, with a distinctive scuzzy sound - no bonus points awarded for comparisons to Yo La Tengo, unfortunately. Still, rather than coming off as some sort of worrying 90s grunge revival act, they ooze an effortless cross between slight nostalgia and the sort of music teenagers now would want to grow up shoegazing to.

They've a penchant for curling away into the tenderness of spartan piano and vocals tracks before exploding into panoramic walls of sound. Round of applause for pulling off the balancing act with all limbs intact.

If you like the Drums, Sonic Youth and dirty reverb then you will love them. See more HERE.

image courtesy of yuckvimeo

Monday, 17 January 2011

Pavla Kopecna Photography

Kopecna was a part of the Twee As Fuck night team (remember that? Such fun), and has since proven that she is a boss behind the lens. Her tearsheets are particularly impressive. These are just some of my fave polaroids from her extensive set on Flickr.

Oh Land

What happens when an opera singer and theatre organist make a baby? Then what happens when that baby grows into a child who makes up her own language and later a woman who listens to Bjork? This. Nanna Øland Fabricius sings as Oh Land, and is a Danish ex-ballet dancer with a beautiful and strong set of pipes.

Oh Land crafts a magical and colourful world of her own, dotted with melodic pop soundscapes and clusters of balloons. Everywhere. Her creative background creates an attention to every sensory detail of performance, and today makes her my new thing to like. Somehow, she couples the soft plick-plock of drum pads with a bold stage presence that shouts "look at me, and join in with all the fun I'm having". There's a sincerity here that other polished pop stars could only dream of possessing.

Now signed to Epic, her full-length is due for release on March 14th. Keep you eyes on this one: it doesn't look like she'll be slowing down any time soon.

Oh Land- White Nights (Live) from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.
Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.
Oh Land- Wolf & I (Live) from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

image courtesy of robbie fimmano

Sunday, 16 January 2011

VIDEO PREMIERE: "The Words That Maketh Murder"

PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder
Uploaded by spektorholic. - Explore more music videos.

And so PJ Harvey continues to make us all fall in love with her, all over again. Can't wait to get my hands on this LP.

Family Portraits by Stina Maria

A peek into sisterhood, as seen through the eyes of a young Swede. Adorable. Flickr is the giver of many gifts.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


This is on TONIGHT. Hosted by the oh-so-lovely Strong Look (SLACKERS party at the Old Blue, and a myriad of other brilliant nights) and Thomas Crossbones (of Say No More LDN), the Macbeth will be flooded with greatness in a matter of hours. The DJ line-up looks a little like this:

Chris off the Cuff
Ro Sham Beau
Eagle Legs DJ's
Adrian Storry
Mark Wrongson
Expect the unexpected, musically and otherwise. And love it. See you tonight, yes?

Song of the Day: "Casual"

Already featured on New Things to Like, this Brooklyn five-piece continue to charm with their eclectic blend of electro-folk and lyrically-focused indie. I like.

In particular, this video is just TOO MUCH. Watch Broken Social Scene's reaction to its ending here, for a taste of 30-second hilarity. Here We Go Magic are signed to Secretly Canadian, and their latest LP Pigeons was released in June last year.

HWGM are:
Luke Temple (lead vox, guitar)
Kristina Lieberson (keys)
Michael Bloch (guitar)
Jennifer Turner (bass)
Peter Hale (drums)

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Hello readers. For those of you who don't personally know me (or ever check FB) this is just a post to explain where the eff I've been for the last week. Yes, a holiday was part of it but so was a pretty nasty fall that had me hospitalised for a bit. Now, there's no need to make this blog into one of those hardcore dear diary-type rags, so this is just a hiatus announcement for the foreseeable future.

No idea when I'll be back sharing all sorts of glorious new things with you, but fingers crossed it will be soon. In other news, that top pic is of the hospital I was admitted to in Vienna. A MONOLITH - aka the biggest one in Europe. BOOM.

images courtesy of bonita-applebum & getty images
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