Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Song of the Day: "Forget It"

Hey everyone, look: guitars are back. Mr Devonté Hynes of Lightspeed Champion and general indie greatness just unleashed this little nugget into the world and it's all plucked strings, doo-wop backing vocals and that breathy vocal we've come to recognise from him.

Now releasing on Domino as Blood Orange, Hynes' album Coastal Grooves is already out and ready for your embrace. This particular single officially drops on March 12th but what with the interwebs and all we can get into it now.

For those in London over the summer, he's been added to the Field Day line-up for this year (which PS: looks amazing) and will probably be playing other UK dates in the spring. If last year's festival was anything to go by, it's going to be another huge affair where you'll see everyone from uni you didn't even know lived in London and every boy you've ever kissed. Whether you'd like to see them or not.

Album Stream: 'Ternion' by We Have Band

The ever-weird experimental pop trio are back with new record, Ternion, which dropped yesterday on Naïve Records. If you're still not sure about making that buy (which I reckon wouldn't be an unwise move as a purchase) you can stream the record here first.

Check out their track-by-track breakdown of the album on This is Fake DIY to get an insider's look into what inspired the album's formation.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Iggy Azalea - "My World"

I'm late to the game on this one, but have just been put onto Iggy Azalea by our lovely new intern at Don't Panic. She's an Australian rapper who listened to a whole lot of Tupac before writing her own stuff. She's also dating A$AP Rocky, which must make hundreds of women want to end her.

I personally am more into the styling in this video than the actual lyrics, but the beat's good and that's a start. You can download her 2011 mixtape here for free to make up your own mind.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Most Awaited Albums in 2012

I put together a list of the LPs I really want to hear/see come out this year for Don't Panic. My boss threw in a couple too, so just for the record I don't really give a shit about the new of Montreal and Islands albums. I've never even listened to Islands.

An honourable mention goes out to Best Coast because I am so excited to hear her new album but couldn't fit it into the piece. Read her Pitchfork interview from a few weeks ago about what the record's gonna sound like and how she doesn't want to just whine about boys like a kid any more.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Q & A with Trailer Trash Tracys

Well, actually this was a Q & A with Jimmy from the Trailer Trash Tracys, but a fun interview nonetheless. I've had their single "You Wish You Were Red" on repeat at various times since I first heard it and their washed out, dreamy approach to rewriting pop has so far pleased me on their entire debut album, Ester.

Enjoy the video and song below, and 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Q & A with New Look

I Skyped Sarah & Adam from synth-pop acct New Look a few months ago. When we weren't making silly jokes about baking and beat-making we chatted about Berlin, the making of their last record and why their marriage and working relationship are pretty 50s. Read it on the Don't Panic website, below.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Q & A with FOE

I'm back! And after a couple of majorly restful weeks in Gaborone, Cape Town and Joburg I've got a whole bunch of bits and pieces lined up to share. First up, here's an interview I did with Hannah from FOE, whose well-crafted debut album, Bad Dream Hotline, drops tomorrow.

She's running a sort of forum at the moment, framed around the idea of contributors confessing their dreams and worries to other fans. She then responds to a whole bunch, in a way that should drive her fan boys extra crazy. Click here to share your own, and below for my interview on Addict Music.

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