Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Video: Eugene McGuiness - "Shotgun"

Eugene McGuinness is a Domino Records signing whom I'd heard little about until about a week ago. His brand of polished and slightly experimental pop wouldn't normally be my thing (probably cos he wears a suit and uses that really obvious 'look, I'm old school!' typeface for his branding) but something about his songwriting keeps me listening.

This is his new video for single "Shotgun", all slowly building layers behind him doing stuff in a suit. I personally still prefer "Lion" from last year but this record sounds like it'll make for some interesting listening.

"Shotgun" is officially released on March 26th, but can be downloaded from iTunes here, as far as I can tell. The full album's due out in about June, so keep an ear to the ground if his style grabs your attention. 

Click for his Facebook page and main site.

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