Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Album Stream: 'Pop Etc Mixtape' by Pop Etc

Strictly speaking this isn't an album, but rather a 'hello world' mixtape from Pop Etc. In case you missed all the kerfuffle at the end of last week, the Morning Benders decided to change their name to Pop Etc for a variety of reasons they describe in detail here.

In summary, they didn't know it was a derogatory term for gay men in the UK and were like 'ok, that doesn't sit well with us - we don't want to look like some irony-mongering and hipsterised homophobes'. So they changed it. Fair play.

The point is, the music still sounds as good as it ever did, and now their name  is rather conveniently a description of the tunes they make. They're poppy, etc innit. Enjoy.

Keep up with all their new Pop Etc ventures and download the mixtape for yourself on their site.

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