Thursday, 1 March 2012

On How Indie Labels are Fighting Back

When Adele isn't giving the finger to 'the suits' at the Brits, she's pretty much buoying the entire independent record label community, in terms of sales. Though hard to believe for anyone who hates hearing "Rolling In The Deep" played as much as I do (though I have enough love for the Heatwave & Jamie xx refix), people are still going out and buying both of her albums. Now. In March 2012.

I look at how the major labels are trying to respond to this sudden burst of XL Recordings' market share in total UK album sales over the last year, and the significance of bands like Bon Iver and Arctic Monkeys for guitar-based indie sales. I then weigh that up against major labels latching onto internet hype and signing artists who can already bring them in a strong fanbase (A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller etc) and hey presto, you have my analysis on the indie v major battle.

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