Friday, 27 April 2012

Listen: Jensen Sportag - Other People's Poetry Mix

Deliciously smooth synth producers Jensen Sportag have just released this awesome 90s rave tape mix, as an ode to their old friend Chuck: those tapes pictured above are the actual ones most of these tracks come from. In case you haven't already heard of them, Jensen are a Nashville duo signed to Cascine comprised of Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig (how Southern and amazing are their names??), who make the sort of satin-soft jams that you can slide your way directly into no-strings-attached-ear-sex with.

I'm about to start doing some work with the Cascine press team, so am really looking forward to getting to know these guys more. They already totally brightened up my day a few weeks ago by sending me a rough demo cut of (what I hope will be) a track from their forthcoming album and are generally both hilarious and very good at what they do. Fun times to be had, I can only assume.

For now, enjoy this trip back in time and imagine all the sweaty bodies pulsing around you with sweaters tied around their waists and scrunches holding back the hair plastered to the backs of their necks with moisture. Mmm.

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