Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Q & A with Citizens!

Last week I went to the Ridley Road Market Bar to hang out with new Kitsuné signing Citizens! as they were setting up for their first residence show there. The whole place smells of oranges (awesome), has neighbours who blare dancehall from some dutty-ass speakers (extra awesome) and looks more like a cafe in Zambia from the outside (the awesomest).

Though I didn't get to interview all the guys (major timing issues with their soundcheck totally effed things us), lead singer Tom was a sweet kid and we shared some lolz. I then forced them to walk around the market as it was being dismantled for the day, while I took photos. We looked at weird cuts of meat. We laughed.

The results of it all are in my interview here. Citizens! play the Kitsune x Don't Panic party at Heaven this Sunday, so gwan and get tickets if you want to see them, Is Tropical, Punks Jump Up and a bunch of DJ sets from great people.

PS: The blog's gone quiet because I got into Columbia for a Journalism Master's and have been doing MAJOR visa, housing, passport renewal stuff. It has not been fun. But New York Effing City will be. Normal posting to resume in about May at this rate (I'm not kidding).

photo credit: me. please ask and link-back if planning to use

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