Thursday, 5 April 2012

Q & A with The Futureheads

I spoke to Ross Millard (singer and guitarist in The Futureheads) last week, and had to call on all the powers that be to keep my cool every time he said anything in his amazing accent. For a little background information, The Futureheads were a Big Deal to me when I was about seventeen, and I sure as hell didn't think I'd be shooting the shit with one of the Sunderland dudes I'd played incessantly on my iPod for a good few months straight.

We were chatting about their a capella new record, Rant, which came out this past Monday (April 2nd, 2012) on Nul Records. Although I started off a little gushy and starstruck (and edited a whole lot of that out for the sake of not looking like a douche), we ended up having a lovely chat about a capella music, Bjork, Glee (ugh) and a whole bunch of other stuff that didn't make the final cut.

Ross came off as hugely modest, and very content with the place he and the rest of his band are musically right now. Mostly, I got the impression that they just wanted to have fun with this album and hope their fans will do the same when they experience it on record or live.

They're touring the UK now, so have a look here for dates. Get the album here and most importantly for my ego:

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