Friday, 27 April 2012

Q & A with PS I Love You

As you may already have gathered from my gushing fangirl review for Addict Music and day two Great Escape 2011 review for Don't Panic, I'm really into PS I Love You.

Canadian duo Paul Saulnier (right, vocals/guitar) and Benjamin Nelson (left, drums) make the sort of raucous pop that bellows (or in the case of singer Paul, more accurately yelps) that guitar music isn't actually dead, no matter what all the two-piece synth acts of 2011 say.

I talked to Paul about the Kingston gig scene, which European audiences are the most awesome, and the "part-megalomania" inherent in writing any record and having other people listen to it. He's a pretty great guy.

Click here for the full feature, and listen to one of my favourite tracks off the new record (Death Dreams, out May 28th on Paperbag Records) below.

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