Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Album Stream: Simian Mobile Disco - Unpatterns

James Ford and Jas Shaw together make up the electro-house outfit known as Simian Mobile Disco, and released album Unpatterns on Monday (May 14th) via Wichita Recordings. I'm a bit of a late convert to this band, having only gotten into Attack Decay Sustain Release (in a big way) about four or five years ago, but think they're great.

They make deep bass drops and cerebral melodies work up a sweat in a way that doesn't over-intellectualise the genre (which is fine too, when done well) but also steers clear of a vacant 'girl, just shake that ass' style of dance music. They're playing a whole bunch of DJ dates around the UK for the next few months too, which you can see more on below. For now, check out the new album and support independent labels by nabbing it from Wichita if you like what you hear.

16 - Nuits Sonores: Lyon, France
18 - Fabric: London
19 - The Ship: Liverpool
20 - Optimo: Glasgow

09 - Parklife: Manchester
15 - Sonar Festival: Barcelona, Spain (live)
16 - Eremo: Bari, Italy
30 - Renegade On The Beach: Helsinki, Finland

04 - Pratersauna: Vienna, Austria
08 - T In the Park Festival: Kinross, Scotland
17 - Together, Ibiza
18 - Club Papaya (Wax:On presents): Novalja, Croatia

17 - Summersonic/Sonic Mania: Tokyo, Japan
18 - Summersonic: Osaka, Japan
23 - Zurich Open Air: Zurich, Switzerland
25 - Mysteryland: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
26 - SW4 Festival, London

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