Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hanging Out with Icona Pop

Icona Pop are two beautiful Swedish women who make the kind of jubilant and euphoric pop their country's earning a rep for with every passing day (see Niki and the Dove, Robyn, Elliphant, etc). I met up with them before their Electricity Showrooms gig last week to chat about their latest single "I Love It" and why it's so hard to be taken seriously as an all-female act.

Caroline and Aino are both such sweethearts, but speak with a fierce passion when it comes to their creative control over what they do, and their insistence that 'pop' need not be a dirty word any longer. The full interview won't be coming out for a while yet, but here are some photos I snapped during our impromptu shoot in the pub. We giggled about everything from suitcases as dumbbells and sexist DJs to sexy French boys. It was basically like grabbing a drink with two friends and I can only hope they had as much fun as I did.

Check out the video for "I Love It" below: it's currently only out in Sweden but will be available on iTunes elsewhere soon and has already given the stamp of approval by everyone from Pop Justice and Pitchfork to Perez Hilton (for realz).

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