Monday, 21 May 2012

Q & A with Blood Red Shoes

I rushed through a super-fast but hilarious interview with Laura-Mary Carter and Steve Ansell of Blood Red Shoes a couple of weeks ago. They're a pop-punk two-piece from Brighton whom I remember seeing at some point during my first year of uni, then basically forgetting about - on this particular night they were racing between a photoshoot backstage at Heaven and catching the opening songs in The Cast of Cheers' support set.

For those who aren't fans, they're back with a new record as of March this year though, and we blazed our way through a discussion on third album jitters, selling out and 'fucking with people' (Steve swears a lot). It's really interesting to see their dynamic in conversation: Laura-Mary shies away from answering questions with more than a sentence while Steve happily rants and rages. Then, when on stage, Laura-Mary transforms into a swaggering beast of a singer and guitarist: it's quite extraordinary.

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