Saturday, 12 May 2012

Reviewed: Simple Things Festival, May 6th 2012

Last weekend I went to Bristol to primarily see Grimes and Ghostpoet and review the shows for Addict Music. I only accomplished 50% of those aforementioned goals, but I did get to watch a bunch of acts I'd never seen before, as part of Simple Things Festival

Last year it was the festival that spawned some of the city's most infuriating queues (yes, I now know what it feels like to get to the front of a one-hour line just as the bouncer's all 'Yeah, none of the rest of you are getting in. Go home and cry about it or whatever losers do') but they sorted out a lot of that this time round.

I ended up catching Factory Floor, Lunice (above) and Caribou on DJ duties in a club where two lush girls I met at a festival last year were covered in glitter and my smiley companions for the end of the night. That was awesome. As far as music goes, there were a lot of intense schedule clashes but overall I reckon the organisers did well. See below for a more eloquent version of what I've just said:

all photos by me, in case you were pulling your hair out wondering.

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