Thursday, 21 June 2012

Song of the Day: "↓ Down & Up ↑" - Obey City

Obey City is a Brooklyn-based producer whom I frankly don't know a whole lot about, but was just thrust into my world (thanks Dipped In Dollars!) and managed to make it a whole lot better within about 18 seconds. He's part of the Astro Nautico family (Space Ghost, Jaw Jam and other such beatmakers) and shared this tune to celebrate reaching 2000 followers on Soundcloud.

I'll hold my own dance party in his honour, since I can't get enough of this bass-driven trip into a sample loop frenzy. In short, this is a damn good song. Enjoy.

Reviewed: ILLLS - Dark Paradise EP

So, ILLLS are a new Mississippi two-piece and have come roaring out the gates with their EP, Dark Paradise. It came out on The Sounds of Sweet Nothing on Sunday, and I reviewed it for Addict Music.

Spoiler alert: it's a good album. It shows promise, skill and the certain kind of garage pop playfulness which I find pretty addictive (see my obsessions with JEFF The Brotherhood and PS I Love You for more information). Listen to it here, and see below for my full review.

Watch: Simian Mobile Disco - Your Love Ain't Fair

In the latest offering from the house duo we get another weird, minimal video to accompany this throbbing track. This time around its all lights on, lights off atop the looping vocal sample and ever-changing soundscapes of the track's dynamic builds. 

Though I still feel like Unpatterns came out rather quietly this year, it's turning into one hell of a grower. Listen to the full record on Spotify here and on their site (which also includes links on where to buy the album. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Watch: Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

Here's Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr in the band's new video for awesome single "Five Seconds". Directed by Kevin Musil, it features some brutal slow-mo fight scenes, an epic motorbike helmet and George's hair flying all over the place.

Album Confess is out next month (July 9th, via 4AD Records) and I'm pretty damn excited to hear the other synth-driven and guitar hook-laden tracks I can only hope it's packed with. 2010's Forget still stands out as one of my favourite releases from the last couple of years and George's adventurous ear for melody and knack at picking out a catchy refrain played a big part in that.

For now, enjoy this new video. Big shout out to the stylist for their outfits.

FREE SHIT Part 36: Cat Power - Ruin

Cat Power's Chan Marshall has just shared this new album announcement video for her upcoming record Sun, due out in September. At the same time, she and Matador Records have made single "Ruin" available as a free download for a limited time only.

So right-click here to get yourself a piece of that action. If nothing else, let it serve as an mp3 gift antidote to the hilarious monstrosity/in-joke that is Kate Nash's newest song, also shared today. Having suffered through it once I can't tell if "Under-Estimate The Girl" is meant to be taken seriously, but it's good to know that songwriting women like Marshall still know how to keep their heads after three full-length releases. Very much looking forward to hearing this one in full.

Watch: Azealia Banks - Liquorice

More than anything else, the command to watch this video applies to me (and anyone else who's been away from the internet for a little while), since I'm sure most of you who want to see it have done so already. Azealia Banks teams up with legendary photographer and Dazed and Confused mag co-founder Rankin for this western-inspired clip, all flowing weaves and a barrage of American flags.

For those of you in London, she's playing the BBC Hackney Weekend on the Sunday (June 24th), in one of her few surviving UK summer dates after an ex-manager's decision to keep her in the studio and focusing on her album. Since that time Azealia's fired that manager (and is now on her fourth in about nine months), left Twitter, released her 1991 EP and said she doesn't want to be part of the 'rap game'.

But as long as she keeps making the potty-mouthed, sharp-tongued tunes that are becoming her trademark, I'm cool with that. See below for the making of the video (courtesy of Noisey).

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