Thursday, 12 July 2012

FREE SHIT Part 37: Azealia Banks - Fantasea Mixtape

Miss Banks unleashed her Fantasea mixtape in the early hours of this morning (London time), after a couple of upload glitches and delays. It features tracks you'll have likely already heard if you're already a fan, from "Runnin'" featuring Lunice to Diplo-produced "Fuck Up The Fun" and smack-talk extravaganza "Us". Given the slew of UK dates she cancelled over the summer and her ups and downs with management, the mixtape is dropping at a good time to keep listeners interested and maintain that tricky balance between staying relevant in the lead-up to an album release and avoiding irritating over-exposure.

Head here to download the 19-track mixtape for yourself to get a much-anticipated longer play version of that Azealia flavour. 

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