Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Reviewed: Twin Shadow - Confess

For one reason or another, I managed to fall out of love with this album in a record-breaking number of days. I partially blame the brilliance of "Five Seconds" for blinding me with its beauty and convincing me the rest of the record was as good; I partially blame my own often irrational love for Twin Shadow (there, I said it).

Most of all, I blame the songwriting on this collection of tracks. Somehow it just comes off sounding like a cobbled-together tangle of clich├ęs and a world apart from the heartfelt sense of lovesick confusion that made Forget so awesome. While I enjoy the ton-up biker branding that George Lewis Jr's gone through great lengths to stamp Confess with, beyond some well-choreographed music videos and an effing beautiful leather jacket, the album's concept doesn't actually show up from song to song.

I reviewed the album for Addict Music, so go check out an extended version of this resigned sadness there.

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