Wednesday, 1 August 2012

NYC-Induced Hiatus (#Sorry)

So it's commonplace to find when you move from one major city to another, some things tend to get left behind. In my case, those things include all my CDs and records (boo), one of my favourite backpacks (double boo), and this blog.

I've been in Hamilton Heights for the last week now, living a life sans internet yet suddenly filled with all the madness of living on that teeny island we call Manhattan. Normal posting should resume soon, though I've just started orientation for my Master's at the Columbia Journalism School so um, that'll be time permitting.

Big apologies go out to anyone who might've happened upon the site over the last few weeks and wondered where the hell its author had disappeared to: I feel like a bad mother or something. In consolation I offer up the gift of a listen to South London producer and multi-instrumentalist Halls' latest single, coming from LP Ark (out on No Pain In Pop Records in October). It's called "White Chalk" and is quite the beauty. Enjoy, and please continue to send me songs and pretty things that inspire you to this inbox.

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