Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Song of the Day: "New Love" - Southern Shores

There's nothing quite like a Balearic-tinged late summer track to help me pretend I'm chilling on a beach somewhere and not grinding my own ass into a fine powder during Columbia Journalism School boot camp. Between the sprained ankle and one hour journey to my neighbourhood 'beat' in Queens (welcome to the world of journo jargon, make yourself right at home) any other activities are being side-lined.

Sadly this means I'm almost never online to listen to awesome new music any more. As in I literally only got round to listening to the Passion Pit album like four days ago: this backlog is straight-up stupid. But, as is always the case, another Cascine gem slid its way into my speakers and again confirms how strong their roster is shaping up to be with every release.

Southern Shores are Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton, the Toronto two-piece behind this breathy, smooth and almost yacht rock-like single. It's due to come off their upcoming New World EP on October 2nd and will likely please all the fans of Keep Shelly In Athens, Ditt Inre and Grimes who were two young to do the real deal Balearic clubbing in the 90s. Enjoy, and um I'll probably blog again in about three and a half weeks since I apparently don't have enough time for the internet any longer. 

(That makes me sad).

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