Thursday, 13 September 2012

Album Stream: How To Dress Well - Total Loss

Falsetto fiend How To Dress Well (born Tom Krell) releases his second album  next Tuesday (September 18th) on Acephale/World Weird Records. For those not aware of his work, he's an r'n'b-inpsired producer and singer who first made waves on the internet in 2010 with an LP of dreamy, echoey and melancholy tracks.

Since then he's featured on Active Child's 2011 album You Are All I See (and in a parody-like slow-mo video for the song in question), played a bunch of tour dates and spent time crafting this next full-length offering. As ever, he wears his influences boldly on his sleeve: Total Loss at points sounds like B-roll tracks from a 1998 JoDeCi record but when he gets it right, he gets it really right. Krell relies heavily on his falsetto as a motif, so you've got to keep an open mind about that affectation to really dig into this album.

As a Brooklynite making this kind of album, cries of 'hipster fraud' will probably bounce around rooms where this type of music is discussed. Like The Weeknd, Krell makes this album a hard sell for the kind of people who believe r'n'b can't be made as well by white guys from the suburbs and somehow loses its authenticity when it is. I'll leave that choice up to you. If you're already a How To Dress Well convert, check out his upcoming autumn tour dates below.

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