Sunday, 16 September 2012

FREE SHIT Part 39: Simian Ghost - Wolf Girl (Slow Magic Remix)

I last spoke to the guys from Simian Ghost about six months ago, when I covered them for Don't Panic magazine and for an 'Emerging Artists' feature on Addict Music. Since then they've been on a monster tour of the UK and Europe, played a bunch of festivals and earned critical nods from the likes of The Guardian, the Times and Drowned in Sound, amongst others.

Plainly put, they make good pop music. They're Swedish, but haven't gone down the pop-electronica route with their last album, choosing instead to incorporate more live guitar amongst their smattering of melodic hooks. The end result makes for rather pleasant, summery listening and this remix from Slow Magic slots in well with the transition to autumn that's starting to nip at our (bare) heels. He's turned their single "Wolf Girl" into more of a brooding and bassy track than its original but maintains the Simian Ghost aesthetic throughout. 

Get it as a free download from Soundcloud now, using the widget above. And excuse my rambling, rather nonsensical English in this post: I've been wading through a ton of research for school and my brain's feeling spectacularly mushy at the moment. 

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