Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FREE SHIT Part 40: Pandr Eyez - Again and Again

Ferren Gipson and Tom Lloyd are several things: a talented duo, lovers of Prince, very fun dinner guests and responsible for this new feel-good single, "Again and Again" as Pandr Eyez. It's been almost a year since I first met them to chat over Turkish food in Dalston, and a good few months since I last saw them play, at Cargo in Hoxton.

Since then they've buckled down and essentially reinvented their sound. They've moved from the moody days of EP Eyes On You (released on Cacsine) and taken up an aesthetic that nods more definitively at their hip hop leanings and breaks out of the near-claustrophobic shell of the minimal and understated production we heard from them last year. It sounds like they're ready to throw a dance party now, and according to Ferren, we should all brush up on our TLC "Creep" dance in anticipation.

Upcoming A-side "Physical Education" is coming out on Double Denim Records in early November and is meant to be even better than this tasty jam, according to the gossip mill that is online music writing (see here and here). The band will be likely playing some of this new material at The Nest's second birthday party in London, on Friday October 5th (I hear Juan Maclean's one of the special, secret guests!). Get excited. And get this tune as a free download now.

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