Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Q & A with Bear In Heaven

L-R: Jon Philpot (vox, keys), Joe Stickney (drums), Adam Wills (gui)

Bear In Heaven are a NYC-based guitar/synth trio whom I hung out with in London before one of their summer shows earlier this year. I pulled guitarist Adam Wills aside for a chat outside Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and we covered everything from on-tour homesickness and artistic control to why streaming their record at 40,000% of its original speed made for both a hilarious and telling stunt.

Overall these guys are awesome. And perhaps more importantly, their recent album I Love You, It's Cool is a beautiful piece of work, all pulsating rhythms and swelling repetitive surges of layered synths. Headphones or quality speakers for this one, please: it's the best way to enjoy it.

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