Sunday, 9 September 2012

Song of the Day: "Telephone Cables and Trees" - Glare

Glare is the DIY project of a devoutly lo-fi producer from England's South-east who so far only goes by 'Michael' elsewhere on the web. One way or another we ended up following each other on Twitter last year, and he shared some tracks with me that made my day at the time.

Glare released a self-produced album last May, made using found sounds, his 808 and some old cassette recordings which you can listen to here. In any case, if's great to hear a new tune from this anonymous beatmaker. For that reason, he gets song of the day with "Telephone Cable and Trees", all whining old samples, subtle tape hiss and that slightly off-kilter effect from an overplayed tape when the notes are no longer perfectly pitched. Yum.

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