Sunday, 2 September 2012

Watch: Azealia Banks - 1991

Miss Banks has been hype-tweeting this video for a good couple of days now, so I'm happy it's been unleashed unto our screens at last. She's channeling some sort of 90s Aaliyah crossed with Madonna vibe in the video, and sporting the plum MAC lipstick created in her honour (and released later this month).

With her album release date being pushed ever further into the future, she's done well to keep people interested by releasing the odd video here and there, and dropping a guest verse on Shystie's latest single (as a nice reciprocal gesture in return for Shystie's verse on "Neptune", off the Fantasea Mixtape). Check out this month's Spin magazine cover feature on her for more of an insider's look. I'm hoping there'll be more great things to come from this girl.

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