Monday, 26 November 2012

Darwin Deez Unveils New Single, "Free (The Editorial Me)"

Remember how amazing 2010 was? When Darwin Deez songs would come on Shuffle on your iPod Classic and you'd start busting out the angular moves that perfectly fit his jagged guitar refrains? I sure do.

And it fills me with joy to see that Team Darwin are back, not only with this new Ninian Doff-directed video for "Free (The Editorial Me)", but a full-length album pegged for a February 2013 release on Lucky Number Music. Judging by what we heard on the band's eponymous release all that time ago, frontman Darwin Smith has seemingly always had an ear for a tight pop melody balanced with just the right amount of scuzzy guitar. 

Hopefully the nine other tracks on Songs for Imaginative People will inspire dance breaks as passionate as those gig-goers would launch into when Darwin Deez toured their debut album two years ago. For now, sink your teeth into "Free", and its deja-vu, space and time continuum-bending video.

If you're in London, the band are playing a show at XOYO on Wednesday night (November 28th, 2012). Um, hopefully you already have a ticket if you want to go because it's definitely sold out by now.

Album tracklisting:
1. (800) HUMAN
2. You Can’t Be My Girl
3. Moonlit
4. No Love
5. Good to Lose
6. Alice
7. Redshift
8. Free (The Editorial Me)
9. All In the Wrist
10. Chelsea’s Hotel

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