Thursday, 1 November 2012

Listen: Atoms For Peace - What the Eyeballs Did

Thom Yorke is becoming almost hilariously good at controlling when and how his music is shared online. Apparently not even the likes of Spin magazine could get hold of a version of this new single that doesn't include a radio DJ talking over the end of the track. Awesome.

So I won't feel as embarrassed to share this, what seems to be the only version of "What the Eyeballs Did" currently available to stream online. On it Yorke's vocal takes a backseat to Flea's jaunty and lively bassline. The result is a punchy and seemingly restless track that no doubt we'll all be able to buy as soon as the Atoms For Peace supergroup decide the time is right.

For now, enjoy it here (up until the 3:46 mark). Keep up with the band on their site too.

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