Thursday, 1 November 2012

Watch: The Luyas - Montuno

For whatever reason, The Luyas only just made it onto my radar. This is the new mini-film for their single "Montuno", off album Animator (Paper Bag Records, October 16, 2012).

They do that whole dreamy and other-worldly thing like a couple of pros, on both the record and in this video. Indulge in all 8 minutes of its glory if, like me, you're still reeling from some of the knock-on effects of Hurricane Sandy and just want to look at something pretty for a while. The duo are meant to be playing a free show at Cake Shop in the lower east side on Saturday night, if the venue gets their electricity back by then. Plan B acoustic show by candlelight, anyone?

To anyone reading from the east coast and Caribbean who was also affected by the storm, I can only hope you and your loved ones weren't hurt. It feels like an empty gesture to throw a comment like that out into the internet's ether, but even a cynic like me can't pretend not to be a part of that whole post-disaster-solidarity feeling.

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