Wednesday, 26 December 2012

FREE SHIT Part 42: Sweet Valley - Jenova

Wavves' Nathan Williams has got into the Christmas spirit and released a new sample-heavy album of sorts as his new side project, Sweet Valley. Working with his brother Kynan, he's crafted this 17-track ode to stoner-wave goodness. Or, as the band have dubbed it on their Facebook page: "A soundtrack to getting drunk."

Whatever your addictive substance of choice (or if you wanna go all straight-edge on enjoying this), they've hit us with over 140 samples throughout the record and appear to be carrying on in a similar vein from their mixtape that dropped earlier this year. Instrumental, groove-driven and hazy tracks are the order of the day, so fans of Wavves (obvs), Thundercat and The Flaming Lips will probably be into this.

Head to Bandcamp to stream and download this new offering. And happy holidays to err'body; I'm back in London for the break and have been doing an amazing job of ignoring the internet for the past five days. Apparently the £1 fish guy from earlier this year now has a higher-quality video where he wears a suit? Wow.

Aw shucks, I may as well go all out on the festive niceties: to everyone who's liked this blog's Facebook page, reached out to send me their music or simply shared links from the site with people they know, THANK YOU. You are awesome.

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