Saturday, 29 December 2012

Top 50 Songs of 2012

Even though I get the impression that the only people reading 'best of' lists at the end of each year work in those respective industries (film, music, sexy celebs, whatever) I couldn't resist the urge to share my top songs of this year.

2012 has been freaking insane, and this bunch of songs has provided the soundtrack to some of its most ridiculous/amazing moments. My playlist features everyone from Metz, A$AP Rocky and the Luyas to MS/MR, Azealia Banks and Lapalux (twice, 'cos he's bad-ass like dat).

Top 40 pop music really outdid itself in terms of copycat production, cookie-cutter formulae and that horrific Guetta-inspired sound. Regardless, creative musicians shone over the last 12 months. From Frank Ocean's cross-genre seduction of the listening public to Lianne La Havas' rich vocal tone and spot-on songrwriting, it's been quite the year for the fearless composers and risk-takers who dared to venture beyond the verse-chorus-verse-dubstep-break-chorus structure that restricted so many of radio's A lists.

Click here for my full Spotify playlist (done in no particular order), and let me know which tracks you've fallen in love with in 2012 on the blog's Facebook page

As ever, there are a handful of songs not released officially through labels (and thus not on Spotify) that I want to show my love for too. Ah, Soundcloud, you wonderful thief of hearts and provider of precious gems, thank you for bringing these songs by Sky Ferreira (New York Mag's song of the year!), the Hood Internet, Eagles For Hands and more into my life. See those Honourable Mentions below, and Happy New Year to all of y'all.

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