Monday, 7 January 2013

Song of the Day: AlunaGeorge - Diver

Right, if you haven't heard of r'n'b duo AlunaGeorge by now and you live in the U.K. then it's time to get real. I'm kinda kidding but now that Aluna Francis and George Reid were named runners-up for BBC's Sound of 2013 list on Thursday and the Hypemachine's most blogged-about artist in the UK in 2012, their band name is likely to be at least vaguely familiar to radio listeners on that fair little isle (wait, people still listen to the radio, right?).

Over here in the U.S. of A AlunaGeorge are yet to make their big break beyond the new music blogger scene, but have so far released a string of near-flawless pop ditties that may hint at a strong debut album later this year. This song, "Diver", sees Francis cooing in the most saccharine end of her vocal range but Reid's bassy production balances out that sweetness to just the right amount. There are hints of everything from Aaliyah and Flying Lotus to CocoRosie.

The song debuted on Annie Mac's BBC Radio1 show a few days ago and will hopefully be featured on their full-length release. Have a listen to their 2012 EP You Know You Like It to acquaint yourself with their earlier stuff if it didn't cross your radar last year.

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