Thursday, 10 January 2013

Song of the Day: Charli XCX - You (Ha Ha Ha)

Charli XCX is a 90s-style-inspired dark pop star on the rise. You may have heard about her when she toured with Coldplay and Santigold last summer, or when her singles "Stay Away" and "Nuclear Seasons" earned her some buzz in 2011. Here the Hertfordshire-born 20-year-old (seriously, how many hyphens do I feel it's appropriate to use in this one blog post?) sampled Gold Panda's "You" on a track she shared online in December. It now has a video in all its warehouse party glory.

I haven't been huge on Charli XCX so far, not because I somehow assume she's rubbish, but because I listen to so many female-fronted acts that some fall through the cracks. My bad. She couples infectious pop hooks with the type of somber production favored by the likes of Zola Jesus in a way that has now piqued my interest. She also co-wrote Icona Pop's breakthrough hit "I Love It" when she was like 18 years old, so more power to her.

Her stylist deserved a Christmas bonus last month: she always looks like an adorable mix of Clueless-era pseudo-gothery and pop girl band brashness. I'm into it.

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