Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Song of the Day: Liars - WIXIW

If you like basketball and dischordant, looped refrains you're probably going to be reveling in this new video for "WIXIW" by Liars. The band apparently really likes basketball, so director and artist Alex/2Tone took that into account, calling the final result “the legend of Sisyphus as told by a young ballplayer lost in a haze of codeine and prescription weed”. Ok, cool. It looks good so I'm not complaining.

The band are playing Brooklyn's Masonic Temple on May 19th and tickets are still going. If you're lucky enough to be attending either Primavera Sound or Sónar, they'll be playing both (well, all three: they're appearing at both Primavera's Barcelona and Porto locations).

Find out more on their goings-on here.

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