Sunday, 3 March 2013

Updated: Shystie feat. Azealia Banks - Control It video pulled

UPDATE: Well, it turns out this video didn't get the green light from Azealia and the Interscope/Universal Music Group camp. The clip has since been removed from YouTube, and this series of tweets above is the closest thing we've seen to a statement so far. I've tried to contact Shystie's rep, but heard nothing back yet. Will keep y'all posted if there's progress.

Hackney MC Shystie just released this new video for single "Control It," featuring Perez Hilton's internet enemy, aka Azealia Banks.

The two rappers have shown each other love over the last year or so, with Shystie grabbing a verse on "Neptune" from Banks' Fantasea mixtape last year, and Shystie unleashing a censored version of this song on her Gold Dust Vol. 2 mixtape in Sept. 2012 in return. 

In any case, the LZ Beats-produced track thuds its way through this new video, all dominatrix motifs, sneers at the camera and some bold, sexually-charged verses. This version will be on Shystie's Pink Mist EP, due out on April 28 and available to pre-order on iTunes now.

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