Thursday, 13 June 2013

Watch: AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

Empty-pool parties are where it's at, if this new AlunaGeorge video for "You Know You Like It" is anything to go by. It sees Aluna and George joined by a crew of rather wonderfully-dressed dancing kids, doing their slow-mo thing in a vacant public pool. A big thumbs-up goes out to the video's stylist, for making me instantly miss the boldness of retro-inspired dressing in London.

If you feel like you've already heard/seen this single then  you'd be right: the band released a video for it in August 2011. But this updated cut has all the slickness we've come to expect from the electro-pop duo, whose debut album I've been itching to hear for months. The record, Body Music, comes out on July 29 via Island Records, bumped back from its original July 1 release date.

Whatever, as long as it gets to my ears, I'll be happy.

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