Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Watch: Phoenix - Trying to be Cool

The Versailles indie-pop four-piece just released this new video for "Trying to be Cool," made in collaboration with VICE's Creator's Project, and it's pretty great. Not necessarily because the song is wonderful–it's definitely one of those "this sounds like two different songs, and the short part at the end is what the entire thing should've been"–but because Barcelona-based directorial team CANADA are behind it. 

CANADA piqued my interest when they made Battles' video for "Ice Cream" a couple of years ago. Then, they followed it with a couple of other great clips, all of which I've posted here for you to binge-watch if you feel so inclined. They're all about colorful sets with fluid movement, and a healthy dose of surreal weirdness. I'm down.

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