Friday, 9 August 2013

On 1990s Whitney Houston and Style

1990. Simpler aesthetic times. Times when brows were thick, eyeshadow heavily applied, and ladies could rock one cross-shaped earring without looking like a Topshop knockoff.

And here's Whitney Houston, leading by example. Today would've been her 50th birthday (RIP, you pop vocal powerhouse) so I decided to go back in time and explore her sartorial leanings. I wrote about her "I'm Your Baby Tonight" music video for Noisey, and how it taught me a bunch of stuff about fashion. 

As a little girl I remember my sister and I had a dance routine to this song, so being able to gush about it as part of my job was heavenly. Click here to read the piece, and my thoughts on frosted lipgloss, ripped jeans and feather boas (spoiler alert: omg I used to love feather boas).

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