Saturday, 10 August 2013

Q & A with Dirty Beaches

Last month I interviewed Alex Zhang Hungtai, singer, guitarist and general main man in Dirty Beaches, for the Wild Magazine. He writes and plays music that encompasses lo-fi garage rock, 50s rock and roll and electronic crossed with post-punk. It's wonderful and odd. Anna and I also caught his Glasslands Gallery show when he was in New York at the end of June. It was weird and confusing but once I Skyped him, I learned why.

Alex is both an introspective thinker and a very open and expressive person. The combination makes for sudden intimacy that almost feels like over-sharing, but is golden when you're looking for thoughtful and personal profile material. 

Though I could've easily written like 2,500 words based on the gig, interview, and my own interview with his friend and musical collaborator Joshua Frank, I decided to chill the eff out and do about half that. In the final edit, we covered ground as varied as being a third culture kid and growing up all over the world, writing break-up albums and the batshit Glasslands gig. Shout out to Alex and the Wild for both tweeting the story out a couple of days ago, too.

Hover and click to read it.

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