Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wet, After the CMJ Storm

Contrary to what the title depicts, this isn't about to turn into a metaphorical short story on getting caught in the madness of New York's CMJ Music Marathon. This is about Wet. They're my new band crush, and I figure it's high time I share that wonderful insight with you, the internet. (Hi, internet—it's been a minute, I know). 

But now, as music writers and photographers across New York lick their post-CMJ wounds for another year, I have to admit that Wet are one of the few bands emerging from the annual hype furor whom I think I'll pay attention to. They're reminiscent of what it would sound like if a a sparser, more jagged New Look covered Dream Cave, the new Cloud Control record. Like, poppy and breathy and going to town on the blend of crisp guitar lines and thundering bass drum samples.

Vocalist Kelly Zutrau fronts the band, backed by Martin Sulkow and Joe Valle. The trio lived and worked together intensely in Brooklyn, according to this recent 405 feature, and turned into one of those bands people were constantly talking about during CMJ. And, while wading through lists featuring the Preatures, Courtney Barnett, Eagulls, Shark Week (that literal name) and others, Wet became the band whose music I couldn't wait to listen to once back in my room and separate from all the badge-wearing, self-aggrandized posturing that goes hand in hand with press behavior at CMJ.

You're the Best from Wet on Vimeo.

The three-piece are due to play Mercury Lounge on November 21, but by then I'll be back in London and probably being drizzled on. They are, however, opening for Samson the Truest tomorrow night (Friday, October 25) at Cameo Gallery.

I always feel like going to shows right after an urban festival like CMJ, Brighton's Great Escape or London's Camden Crawl (shout out to like 2009) gives me a different appreciation for live gigs. You're so spoiled for choice when all the bands descend upon the city for a major showcase that it's easy to forget how freaking special live music can be, when played, mixed and performed well.

Then it all quietens down and you're like "oh right, this is amazing. And I don't have to rush to another six/nine/infinite shows afterwards." Fingers crossed Wet will deliver, though given the reaction to both their recent eponymous EP (out on Neon Gold) and their CMJ gigs, I shouldn't be worried.

If you're in New York, and want to check them out for yourselves this weekend, $9 tickets are going here.

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