Thursday, 9 January 2014

On a Loop: Childish Gambino – 3005

Where do I even begin justifying blogging about a song that's been out for, like, two months? For whatever reason, in early January, I've found it impossible to listen to Childish Gambino's "3005" just once, in any single sitting. I've been waking up with it in my head, playing it before breakfast, bumping it at least four times at work on a typical day, and looping it in the evenings. So yeah, my apparent insatiable obsession will just have to suffice as an explanation. That's cool, right?

Gambino, the rapper/actor born Donald Glover (no relation), is back on form with Because the Internet, his new (and very trendily titled) full-length. Because dropped on December 30, when I was knee-deep in family hangouts and nowhere near an internet connection, so I've been rinsing the 20-song deluxe edition since my return to London. 

When it comes to this single, that combination of video game-like synth bloops, shuddery bass and Gambino's breathless yet languid delivery gets me. Every time. And hey, having the choice of two videos to watch makes it all that much easier to listen to the single a minimum of two times in a row, which as you can probably tell from my fangirl insistence in this post, is exactly what I'm after.

Watch both videos here. The first features former porn star and current model/spokesperson Abella Anderson, webcamming her way to the top of the 2013 lyric video pile. In the other video, Gambino rides around on a ferris wheel with a creepy-ass giant teddy bear—one who looks markedly worse for wear by the end of their time together (and BLINKS. Ugh).

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