Sunday, 12 January 2014

Q & A with Lorde – The Wild Magazine

Lorde's a few things. Obviously, she's one of 2013's breakout pop stars. She's a talented songwriter, precocious and opinionated in a way that gives pop culture gossip bloggers plenty to work with (She badmouthed Lana! She badmouthed Selena Gomez! etc). And she's the owner of a really likable, husky giggle.

I learned all this when I caught up with her over the phone a few months ago, for one of The Wild Magazine's Youth issue cover stories. She was in a stereotypically rainy Seattle, and we battled our way through some awful phone reception to have a general chinwag on the music industry, her role as a new artist and everyone's obsession with her age. The results of our conversation are now live on the Wild's website, run with a beautiful editorial shot by Stevie Mada. To get your hands on physical copies, with other covers of Joey Bada$$ and Andrej Pejić, head here. And beware the jpg carousel glitch on that landing page. 

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