Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Song of the Day: Latasha Alcindor – MOMA

Self-proclaimed twentysomething Latasha Alcindor, a rapper and hip hop artist based in Brooklyn, blows hot and cold on her single, MOMA. At first she comes off tough, with lyric “niggas sayin’ I’m going too hard, I say y’all just showing soft. So I wipe my ass with all of y’all,” dropping within the song’s opening 30 seconds. But then she ends the swipe with a girly giggle, before breathily singing a chantlike chorus–and cheekily coopting the museum’s name into an innuendo, inviting you to, er, suck her MOMA.

The song hones in on self-confidence, self-belief and an unapologetic commitment to being creative, on your own terms. On a landscape populated by a handful of tough female emcees, she’s likely to sit filed near Lil Kim, Angel Haze and Iggy Azalea, flow-wise. On a first listen, she actually brought to mind New York-based teen Leikeli47, who first made waves online in early 2012 with her self-titled mixtape. Both Leikeli and Latasha sing in an offhand fashion, not unlike Azealia Banks on her early mixtape cuts, where the vocals aren’t meant to sound pretty so much as deliver whatever their lyrical message may be.

Amidst the chest-puffing and self-hype, Latasha touches on Martin Luther King, Jr and Trayvon Martin in a cryptic and undulating pre-chorus. She nails a naughty but nice delivery throughout. Beats crafted by producer Ken 10 hold the entire affair together, and make this a track I can’t seem to help but hit ‘repeat’ on. The barely-there three-minute length doesn’t hurt, either. For now, MOMA’s available as a free download via Latasha’s Soundcloud page, and she apparently has more releases and videos planned for the coming year. Let’s wait and see.

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