Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Watch: Years and Years – Real

If throwing shapes in underground bars is your music video thing (and hey, why wouldn't it be?), look no further than this latest offering from London electropop trio Years and Years. Once a five-piece, Michael, Emre and frontman Olly have already released an EP with French boutique label Kitsuné in autumn 2013, and are back with a new single set to hit stores on February 17.

Their video for "Real" brings together some teen-show wonders, starring Misfits' Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Skyfall's Ben Whishaw and ex-Skins star Olly – yes, the band's singer – who knows Whishaw from his thespian past. 

"The song is about me feeling judged by someone so I thought it might be a cool idea to flip that feeling and be the one judging others," said Olly. "I did a play with Ben Whishaw and we used to do warm-ups every night on the stage and he's such a brilliant dancer, like an electric eel or something. The track has a big dance element and I wanted to see people dancing the way that Ben does, in a way that is almost out of control, like they've been hypnotised or something. We wanted to create a kind of eerie, Twin Peaks, surrealist environment."

Olly's voice propels this track from the usual "guys experimenting with a pop sound" level to something with more depth, and he's supported along the way by his bandmates. I'd be curious to see how these three pull off a live show. Luckily, my fellow Londoners can get their chance to do so on March 5 when Years and Years play new Hackney venue, Oslo. I'll bring a deck of cards, you bring the moves.

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